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Belinda Meuldijk / Lucy Steymel/Gerard Stellaard
Voor het eerst uitgebracht in: 1989

Bo (Engels)

Bo, another year has slipped away
hey Bo, I’ve got a million thing to say
in all little corner of my heart you’re a part
guess you never really went away

Bo you know your smile is warmer now
hey Bo, the lines are deeper in your brow
gipsy dancer with the moon in your eyes
I wanna bring you back somehow

Bo, you’re always somewhere
a missing part I never get to play
hey, hey Bo I miss you more than I can say
and life was unfair
to lovers far too young to see the grey
hey, hey, bo, gettin’ younger every day

Bo, you’re on the outside lookin’ in – like me
dreams of freedom never end
laughter still can turn to tears – all the fears –
don’t want to let your again